Custom Web Design creates the essence of your online brand.

It is the place your customers go to form opinions and decide if they’ll take the next step… all in a matter of 5 seconds or less

At DMSOFT-WY Software, we know planning your web design can be difficult and sometimes even frustrating. So many options, so much to learn, and with prices ranging from 500 bucks to well over six figures it’s hard to tell what’s what. Well, we have some good news and some bad news.

The GOOD News: You do not have to spend 6 figures to get a site that looks like 6 figures.

The BAD News: It is highly unlikely, if not impossible, to get a website that will do anything but hurt your brand for $100 or even twice that amount. Building a custom web design that outpaces your competitors and motivates your prospects is simply too complicated an endeavor, requiring the talent and expertise of serious professionals. After all, this will be the face of your business and the most important part of your brand. Cutting corners is ill advised.  What you put into your website design is exactly what you get back.  Our minimum job we accept starts at $250.00 per website and grows form there depending on the number of pages you ask for, gadgets, and amount of custom coding.  We do not overprice our work, and you will find we are affordable and produce the same results as firms charging ten times what we do.

Here are your THREE basic options when planning you web design project:

  1. Buy a template, pretty it up, insert your text, and viola! If your revenues exceed even $500k, keep on walking. If you’re a small start up or a home business interested in “testing the waters” on a shoestring budget then go ahead and give it a try. This method is OK as a starter or maybe as a model from which to build your own template.  The problem however, is many of these require that you maintain their information in the footer.  You want your unique brand, you do not want to be displaying someone else’s brand with it.
  2. Built your website yourself. I hear from clients every day who have taken this route and are now sitting with a website that lacks essential business-building strategies and tools that come natural to a larger and more experienced custom web design professional.  The problem with this, is many while they have a clear focus on where they want to go, they lack the skills or time to do the programming and design work required.
  3. Let us help you plan your online strategy and sales conversion process…and to custom design an interactive ONLINE EXPERIENCE that will knock your customers’ socks off.

We vary our packages and fees based on what you want.  The base rate to start a website design starts at $250.00 and pricing goes up from there depending on the number of individual pages, custom coding and database work you ask for.  If you’re interested in a more accurate price bid, contact us via email and request a quote now.  Attach a mockup and details of what you are asking for and we will prepare a bid and send it to you.

What is a truly 100% CUSTOM web design?

Great question, we’re glad you asked! Custom web design is a PROCESS not a project. Any artist can throw together a design, and any programmer can easily throw together some HTML but neither will deliver the results you seek without the right process to bring design and development together in the right way.  We want to stay with you so your website would be treated as a work in progress as long as  you want us to continue.

A truly custom web design is about creating an engaging customer experience that will make your prospect WANT to interact with your site in order to learn, discover, and become seriously impressed. Results like this take planning and an extremely talented team of marketers, managers, writers, designers, and developers.  We use a group of proven and trusted freelancers to provide a wide range of talent and skills at optimal prices that you will not see with larger firms AND we yield the same or better results.

We’ve been around long enough to know that the websites we create are only as good as the results they generate. That’s we’ve built and refined a custom website design process that combines business understanding, magnificent design, cutting-edge functionality, AND business-generating techniques to take your business to the next level.

“Wow! Where I Can Get Such a Powerful Website?” you ask?

Right here, of course:

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Our Custom Web Design Package is Built to Suit

When you work with ImageWorks your website is designed according to a strict process (because web design is a process – not a random artistic endeavor) that consistently leads to great results for companies like yours. Here’s how it works:

  1. Discovery: Getting to know your business, your customers, your competitors, and your goals.  We try to base our website design and functionality around the needs of you and your customers.
  2. Strategic Planning: We help you plan a website architecture and content plan that maximizes your sales and conversion goals. As part of this process we devise a smart strategy that results from our learning in the Discovery phase.
  3. Messaging: We craft the right messages for the most important pages of your website. Whether complete copy origination or copy editing and optimization, we help you create words that draw visitors in and compel them to action.
  4. Visual Direction: A clear visual direction upfront so there are no surprises when it comes time to enter into design phase (we like to save the surprises for your birthday).
  5. Design: Our designers are the best in the business. They’ll turn all of this upfront planning into a remarkable design that is sure to keep you up at night with excitement.
  6. Development: We can stop at the previous step and hand off the design to a developer of your choice, but most clients prefer to use our in-house development team to build out the website design inside a full-featured Content Management System for maximum performance, flexibility, and scalability.
  7. Quality Assurance: Before your website launches it goes through a series of quality control measures to assure it’s ready to be seen by your most important customers and prospects.
  8. Launch: Ah, this is where the fun happens. We’ll make sure your site launch goes off without a hitch. We’ll even offer you the best website hosting in the industry. (You’re welcome.)

Our proven web design process is tried and true. It consistently results in websites that give our clients the best chance to be found, to attract leads, and to convert sales. By combining innovative strategic marketing, rock star designs, technical expertise, and a fully-customized Content Management System (CMS), we can provide a truly custom website that will thrive in today’s challenging marketplace.

Ready to start?

Custom Web Design Checklist

(Because you want more than a web site — you want a compelling user experience.)

A custom website design is an investment in your business. And like any investment, it pays to do your homework. Here’s a checklist of “must-haves” for any custom website project. If your website is missing any of this, you can consider yourself behind the curve.

Custom Website Design Must-Haves (and some wish list items, too!):

  • A Proper and Thorough Discovery Process
  • Marketing Consulting
  • Sales and Conversion Strategy Consulting
  • Visual Direction and Messaging
  • Copywriting
  • Blog Design
  • Landing Page Module Design
  • Logo Design & Modifications
  • Coding into Content Management System or raw HTML via CSS
  • Email Templates Design to Match
  • Image Discovery or Custom Creation
  • Flash or HTML 5 Animations
  • Presentations & Videos
  • Backend & Database Requirements
  • E-commerce & User Interface Design
  • Interactive Forms & Auto-responders
  • Interactive Lead Nurturing Campaigns
  • Custom Charts & Graphs
  • Downloadable Brochure & Content Pieces
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Optimization and Marketing

Let us produce a website for your brand that looks and WORKS as it should: