By Shannon Reynolds

Let’s have a close look into finding profitable niches.

Internet affiliate marketing starts and ends with finding profitable niches to market in. It really is quite simple, really. You find a hotbed of purchasing activity and you put yourself firmly there to promote as many hot products and services as possible to a very active market of potential clients.

It’s been effective for hundreds of internet marketers that have become extremely rich. But, let’s face it – when you are getting started, few things are ever quite that simple.

And so, I want to delve deeper into the idea of niche research, along with the mistakes which so many people make over and over again. Because, when you can remove those mistakes, your life gets incredibly easier and also the earnings are more consistent.

The Niche Research No-No’s

First, let’s take a closer look at what a great number of starting internet marketers do wrong. At the very top of the list is without a doubt diversification. Of all the affiliates I have met, the vast majority earn their profits almost entirely from one or two niche categories.   These people dedicate numerous hours each day focusing on just canine training, or just relationship advice or even slimming. They find a profitable audience and they hit all of them over and over again with various goods, websites, and selling points.

Second, as you might have guessed, they stuck with the big niches – the evergreen ones which have always been solid money makers. Sure, they experiment a little bit, but only enough to look into other niche categories, not so much that they will decrease their income coming fromthe big niches.

Which niche categories are seen as the “big niches”?

Weight loss, creating wealth, satellite TV on COMPUTER, muscle gain, self help, anti-spyware, forex, as well as generating income online.
People are always looking for new products inside these types of niches, which means you can’t cannibalize your sales, neither can you run out of hot prospects. Of those niches, weight loss and health and fitness are definitely the largest, with making money coming in at a close second.

Finding Profitable Niches and Products

Of course, just saying “try out the niches that work” isn’t very helpful, so I would like to go into a bit more detail on what you can promote as well as finding profitable niches. I have a couple of techniques I like to make use of that have always been highly effective for me personally.

When it comes to finding profitable niches, I tend to stick to Clickbank and Amazon. On occasion, I will also utilize Google and yahoo to review probable affiliate networks in more depth.

Finding Profitable Niches With Amazon. com

Let’s start with Amazon. com. I start here because I want to first find a profitable niche that features a large purchasing base. You can usually locate a product in Clickbank with high gravity, however even before that I want to identify the breadth of the potential audience first.

To start with, go to Amazon. com and begin looking at products and topics inside niches that you’re interested in. This is very important, due to the fact that you’ll be spending a lot of your time and effort investing in that niche, particularly if it results in being among your big two niches. For that reason, make sure it is a product you’re willing to write about and market extensively for many months to come. If you are not interested in weight reduction or are afraid of dogs, these most likely are not the right niches to promote.

Keeping that in mind, start searching on Amazon for books, products, and other specific niche market products. Your objective here is to locate products with at least 20 reviews. Why just 20 reviews? Because Amazon reports only 1 in 1000 individuals actually post a review regarding something they have purchased off their website, a product with 20 reviews will probably have already been bought by a minimum of 20, 000 people – this is a huge market, particularly if it’s just one item within an information niche.

If you can find several products within the same niche that each have 20+ reviews, you have uncovered a champion. It will not matter if the subject has 50 products or only 2, if there are consumers buying products, it’s a great niche. You don’t have to conduct any keyword searching, competition research, or product searches, since you know you have found a good one.

Shannon Reynolds has been writing internet marketing review and e-books for over twenty years.

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